Therapeutic Perspectives of Tea Compounds : Potential Applications against COVID-19, Hardback Book

Therapeutic Perspectives of Tea Compounds : Potential Applications against COVID-19 Hardback

Part of the Medicinal Plants and Natural Products for Human Health series


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This unique volume provides an insight into bioactive compounds of tea from studies of both chemical structures and pharmacological aspects.

Examples of the beneficial health effects of tea compounds in managing health problems and diseases are presented, with an emphasis on viral diseases such as COVID-19.

Vaccines are not always available in many countries, thus simple and inexpensive measures which are easily available to help mitigate for example, the COVID-19 pandemic, are urgently needed.

Dietary bioactive compounds could be alternative nutritional approaches in combating infection in addition to existing therapies and also upcoming vaccines and drugs, by enhancing their efficacy.

Features :Emphasizes the antiviral activity of the tea compounds and the latest findings against Coronavirus and SARS-Cov-2.

Provides a general overview of tea constituents, chemical structures of these compounds and their potential health benefits. Tea is one of the most commonly used beverages around the world and people with different backgrounds will be interested in reading about its health benefits. Correlating the therapeutic effect of tea components with COVID-19 is extremely beneficial for health care team members and general population. Assists the reader in understanding the therapeutic value of using tea to tackle COVID-19 symptoms, offering simple, inexpensive tips to help mitigate the virus.


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