Human Body Perception from the Inside Out, Hardback Book


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The human body has long inspired artists, philosophers, musicians, and writers.

Researchers in the psychological sciences, however, have only relatively recently begun to acknowledge the role the body plays in perception.

With the general notion of cognition recently broadening to include its embodied nature, researchers' accounts of perception have increasingly come to include the body's special status as a window on the world and to accommodate the specificperceptual requirements for identifying, interpreting, and interacting with other bodies.

This volume presents a comprehensive overview of the rapid progress that has been made in understanding the human body and its relationship to perception.

It will help to unify the relevant research from severalindependent areas of cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience and facilitate the development of an integrated framework for the study of human-body perception.

Its sections cover the four major lines of research that have contributed and will continue to contribute to this new framework: body and multimodal perception, body representation, perception of biological motion, and intention and action in body perception.

Each chapter provides a state-of-the-art account of exciting theoreticaldevelopments and empirical advances, and section introductions integrate the chapters and establish each section's place in the broader context of human-body-perception research.

This volume will be an invaluable guide for student and professional researchers in visual perception, cognitivepsychology, and cognitive neuroscience.