Wraithbound, Paperback / softback Book

Wraithbound Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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Since he was a boy, Rae Kelthannis has dreamed of being a stormbinder like his father, with an air elemental stitched into the fabric of his soul and the winds of heaven at his command.

Those dreams died when his father, through no fault of his own, fell into disgrace and was banned by the justicars of the Iron Council.

The family fled to the edge of the Ordered World, to live in fear in the shadow of encroaching Chaos. When Rae defies his father's orders and attempts to stitch an air elemental to his soul, he instead binds himself to a mysterious wraith.

That's when things get complicated and the world starts to fall apart around him.

Literally. About Valhellions:"Akers' novel puts the fantasy in urban fantasy, with real-world-dwelling fantastical characters similar to Jim Butcher and ridiculous set pieces reminiscent of Terry Pratchett." -Booklist starred reviewAbout Knight's Watch:"Buckle up and get ready for a fun ride.

Tim Akers delivers an epic story about weekend ren faire warriors versus actual monsters.

Best fictional use of a Volvo station wagon ever." -Larry CorreiaAbout Tim Akers:"A must for all epic fantasy fans." -Starburst"Full of strong world building, cinematic and frequent battle scenes, high adventure, great characters, suspense, and dramatic plot shifts, this is an engaging, fast-paced entry in a popular subgenre." -Booklist (starred review)"Take a bit of fantasy, mix in the horror of the demonic, and put in some top-notch writing and you'll have Akers' latest novel." -Hellnotes"Fast-paced . . . an epic fantasy story with action, intrigue and a good story." -RPG"Delivers enough twists and surprises to keep readers fascinated . . . contains action, grittiness, magic, intrigue and well created characters." -Rising Shadow"An extremely well-developed secondary world." -SF Signal


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