Creating Sustainable Bioeconomies : The bioscience revolution in Europe and Africa, Hardback Book

Creating Sustainable Bioeconomies : The bioscience revolution in Europe and Africa Hardback

Edited by Ivar Virgin, E. Jane Morris

Part of the Routledge Studies in Ecological Economics series


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The growing global demand for food, feed and bio-based renewable material is changing the conditions for agricultural production worldwide.

At the same time, revolutionary achievements in the field of biosciences are contributing to a transition whereby bio-based alternatives for energy and materials are becoming more competitive.

Creating Sustainable Bioeconomies explores the prospects for biosciences and how its innovation has the potential to help countries in the North (Europe) and the South (Africa) to move towards resource efficient agriculture and sustainable bioeconomies.

Throughout the book, the situations of Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa will be compared and contrasted, and opportunities for mutual learning and collaboration are explored.

The chapters have been written by high profile authors and deal with a wide range of issues affecting the development of bioeconomies on both continents.

This book compares and contrasts the situations of these two regions as they endeavour to develop knowledge based bioeconomies.

This volume is suitable for those who are interested in ecological economics, development economics and environmental economics.

It also provides action plans assisting policy-makers in both areas to support the transition to knowledge based and sustainable bioeconomies.