Advances in Chemistry Research. Volume 58 : Volume 58, Hardback Book

Advances in Chemistry Research. Volume 58 : Volume 58 Hardback

Edited by James C. Taylor


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Advances in Chemistry Research. Volume 58 first characterizes electrochemical oxidation processes from an ecotoxicological perspective.

This approach allows for the evaluation of the influence of electrochemical degradation parameters, such as electrode material or type of electrolyte, in the modulation of toxicity under different scenarios.

Following this, the authors present a collection of existing knowledge on electro-fenton and anodic oxidation electrochemical processes.

The choice of electrode materials plays an important role in both processes for better efficiency.

A standardized procedure is proposed for analyzing humic samples of various genesis consisting of four successive methods of analysis.

The results obtained in this case present a set of, semi-quantitative and quantitative parameters in the macromolecule of carboxyl, aromatic, polysaccharide and aliphatic fragments.

A highly effective adsorbent for p-chlorophenol is been synthesized using magnetite nanoparticles coated with humic acids.

The adsorbent is synthesized via co-precipitation of a mixed Fe3+ and Fe2+ solution using NH4OH 25% at pH 11 followed by the rapid addition of humic acids solution in NaOH 1 M.

This collection also reviews the spectral and luminescent properties of humic acids, as well as identifies the impact of humic acids on the effectiveness of organic compounds photodegradation.

In the concluding study, the water quench test is applied as an experimental method for thermal shock resistance testing, and the authors provide a morphological analysis of the samples before and during the testing.