Calypso Down, Hardback Book

Calypso Down Hardback

Part of the A Chris Black Adventure series


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Calamitous weather is the least of their problems. Indomitable marine biologist Chris Black and former SEAL Mac Johnson have traveled to Israel to help prepare a group of international scientists for saturation diving in the Red Sea.

Upon their arrival, Chris and Mac face resistance by some of the local divers and only narrowly escape two mysterious attacks on American targets.

Have they inadvertently stumbled into someone's crosshairs?As they move onto the SeaHab, an underwater vessel that allows a group of six to live and dive underwater for days, more than stormy weather endangers the mission as the divers hail from several countries, different cultures, and opposing political camps.

Confined to the small station with nothing but water pressing in around them, Chris begins to fear that the vessel may be the target of a terrorist group, and that their operatives may already be onboard.


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