The Logic of Cooperation in Autocracies : Political Opposition in the Third Yemeni Republic, Hardback Book

The Logic of Cooperation in Autocracies : Political Opposition in the Third Yemeni Republic Hardback

Part of the Modern Intellectual and Political History of the Middle East series


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This meticulously researched book offers a comprehensive analysis of strategic cooperation in authoritarian regimes, specifically focusing on Yemen's Joint Meeting Parties--an alliance composed of diverse Islamist, Socialist, and Arab nationalist parties.

Heibach presents a unique case study that explores the alliance’s remarkable longevity and ultimate success, shedding light on the reasons behind the emergence and endurance of opposition cooperation in autocracies. To provide a nuanced understanding of strategic cooperation, Heibach advocates for the separate examination of internal and external alliance performance.

The internal logic of cooperation, which centers on the sustenance of the alliance, and the external logic, driven by goal attainment, give rise to contradictions that significantly impact overall alliance performance. Drawing on a wide range of primary sources and employing rigorous methodologies, The Logic of Cooperation in Autocracies offers a vital addition to the academic discourse on authoritarianism, opposition politics, and coalition formation.

It is an indispensable resource for scholars, researchers, and students seeking deep insights into the complex world of strategic cooperation in autocratic systems and its profound implications for political conflicts.


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