Social Sustainability for Business, Paperback / softback Book

Paperback / softback

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Social Sustainability for Business demonstrates the need for a transformational change to the way businesses across the globe operate.

What has become the standard, accepted "business model," with a focus on corporate profit, shareholder wealth maximization, and GDP growth, is no longer a sustainable business model for workers, consumers, communities, society, the planet, or any of its inhabitants and ecosystems. The authors argue that the current commercial system depletes natural resources, denigrates human rights, and inhibits positive social and technological innovation.

To address these issues, they focus on societal goals-such as a sustainable planet, meeting human rights of workers, and safe products for consumers-and outline steps that organizations and individuals must take to achieve them.

Readers will gain insight into the psychological barriers to and influences on sustainable behavior.

They will also learn how reconsidering corporate social responsibility and business ethics can stop and reverse the destruction of a profit-based approach.

Cases on modern examples of sustainability or lack thereof explain how establishing and maintaining a socially sustainable business system can protect the environment, meet the rights of its people, and ensure that their needs are met tomorrow.

End-of-chapter and end-of-case discussion questions will help students in sustainability classes to think critically about the practical impact of the topics discussed.