Migraine Biology, Diagnosis, and Co-Morbidities : Volume 198, Hardback Book


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Migraine Biology, Diagnosis, and Co-Morbidities, Volume 198 covers a wide range of issues related to migraine.

The epidemiology, global, and personal impacts of migraine are covered, including topics on the pathophysiology of migraine and migraine aura, the pathophysiology of the associated symptoms of photophobia and phonophobia, and the genetics of migraine.

The classification and diagnostic criteria of common and uncommon subtypes of migraine are also explored in detail, including childhood variants.

Issues related to the diagnosis and management of vestibular migraine and the co-morbid disorder of persistent postural-perceptual dizziness are also covered. Finally, the important comorbidities of migraine such as anxiety, depression and other forms of chronic pain are discussed, along with the current state and future directions of migraine research and management.


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