Flushable Fashion, Hardback Book

Flushable Fashion Hardback


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As one of the world's largest Barbie collectors, Jian Yang always brings a doll with him on his travels. But something happened in Sri Lanka in May 2017- he made his first doll dress out of toilet paper. He has not stopped since, and every night at every hotel he stayed in, a paper couture creation would be made. . "Each dress was carefully photographed and immortalised on Instagram with the hashtag #havetissuewilltravel. And because there was usually only one doll with me on an average four-day trip, the couture confection would literally get flushed down the toilet to make way for the next."Since then, Jian, as well as the #havetissuewilltravel hashtag, has been to over 20 cities in 11 countries. in two short years, his stunning handiworks have been featured in publications from Vogue to Buzzfeed, and in blogs, broadsheets and tabloids.

They've been discussed in countries around the world, and images of them continue to circulate the Internet appealing to parents, children, collectors and fashionistas alikeThis delightful book is a visual celebration of Jian's fabulous tissue paper dresses - sustainable fashion that is not only intricate but biodegradable. Just as how they are once of a kind creations, this book is a truly special collectors edition.


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