Theological and Hermeneutical Explorations from Australia : Horizons of Contextuality, Hardback Book

Theological and Hermeneutical Explorations from Australia : Horizons of Contextuality Hardback

Edited by Jione Havea

Part of the Decolonizing Theology series


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This book presents theological, cultural, ecclesial and hermeneutical explorations from a specific context-Australia-and invites reimagining of theology and hermeneutics.

The horizons of contextuality explored in this book include indigeneity and sovereignty, contingencies of context, feminist theology, multiculturalism and intercultural theologies, sexual abuse and ecclesial coverups, suicide and worship, tradition(ing)s and betrayal, art and popular culture, climate effect and climate justice, disability theories, Islamic insights, migration and the images of home, and heaps of contextual matters in between.

The chapters are organized into three sections: (1) Roots presents some of the starting points for contextual thinking in Australia and yonder; (2) Wounds attends to the demands of "bodies on the line" upon theological, biblical and ecclesial engagements; (3) Shifts pokes at thinkers and critics.