Fourth World by John Byrne Omnibus, Hardback Book

Fourth World by John Byrne Omnibus Hardback


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John Byrne reinvented Superman and illustrated some of the most famous stories in X-Men history.

Much like how Jack Kirby created the Fourth World at DC following his genre-defining career at Marvel, after Byrne s work on multiple pop culture icons, the writer and artist took on the Fourth World himself, as collected in this hardcover omnibus.

While staying faithful to Kirby s original vision, these tales brought characters like Orion, Darkseid, Mr. Miracle, and the Forever People into the 1990s, reviving the epic mythology of New Genesis and Apokolips for a new generation of readers.

This collection also includes Genesis, a team-up between the heroes of Earth including Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman and the New Gods of New Genesis against Darkseid, as the Godwave threatens reality!

This volume collects New Gods #12-15, Jack Kirby s Fourth World #1-20, and Genesis #1-4.