Enhanced Quantization: Particles, Fields & Gravity, Hardback Book

Enhanced Quantization: Particles, Fields & Gravity Hardback


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This pioneering book addresses the question: Are the standard procedures of canonical quantization fully satisfactory, or is there more to learn about assigning a proper quantum system to a given classical system?

As shown in this book, the answer to this question is: The standard procedures of canonical quantization are not the whole story!This book offers alternative quantization procedures that complete the story of quantization.

The initial chapters are designed to present the new procedures in a clear and simple manner for general readers.

As is necessary, systems that exhibit acceptable results with conventional quantization lead to the same results when the new procedures are used for them.

However, later chapters examine selected models that lead to unacceptable results when quantized conventionally.

Fortunately, these same models lead to acceptable results when the new quantization procedures are used.