HIV in the UK : Voices from the Epidemic, Hardback Book


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This book explores the thoroughly human dimension of the health care and prevention responses to the HIV crisis in the UK, and the impact that such initiatives had on the progression of the epidemic.

This book presents a compelling account of the unfolding of the epidemic and the initiatives that made all the difference in the care and prevention of HIV in the UK from the early 1980s to the present time.

Drawing on interviews with people with HIV, doctors and nurses involved in their care, leaders of AIDS charities, activists, and politicians, it identifies and describes the models of care developed in response to the onset of the HIV epidemic, and its impact on NHS and voluntary organisations.

It goes on to explore the political responses, the evolution of HIV stigma, and the personal impact of the early high mortality rates.

Finally, it discusses recent organisational changes in the provision of care and prevention services.

In doing so, this volume identifies the lessons learnt from the care and prevention of HIV, both in relation to HIV infection and other conditions, such as COVID-19, and discusses future challenges. This book will be of great value to those working in services dealing with HIV, charities, and Clinical Commissioning Groups and GP organisations, as well as social historians and medical sociologists.


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