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The new edge-of-your-seat thriller from master storyteller and bestselling author Joseph Knox'Brilliant... absolutely enthralling' John Marrs'It's Knox at his mesmerising best' Financial Times'A dark and riveting thriller that plunges readers into the chaos of its characters.

Knox's sharp prose and gritty atmosphere create a hauntingly atmospheric tale where nothing is as it seems' Glamour_____________WHEN YOU’RE LIVING A LIE, YOU FIND IT’S BEST TO AVOID CLOSE ATTACHMENTS…Lynch, a burned out con-artist, arrives, broke, in London, trying not to dwell on the mistakes that got him there.

When he bumps into Bobbie, a rehab-bound heiress - and when she briefly mistakes him for her missing brother - Lynch senses the opportunity, as well as the danger…Bobbie’s brother, Heydon, was a troubled young man.

Five years ago, he walked out of the family home and never went back.

His car was found parked on a bridge overlooking the Thames, in the early hours of the same morning.

Unsettled by Bobbie’s story, and suffering from a rare attack of conscience, Lynch tries to back off. But when Bobbie leaves for rehab the following day, he finds himself drawn to her luxurious family home, and into a meeting with her mother, the formidable Miranda.

Seeing the same resemblance that her daughter did, Miranda proposes she hire Lynch to assume her son’s identity, in a last-ditch effort to try and flush out his killer. As Lynch begins to impersonate him, dark forces are lured out of the shadows, and he realises too late that Heydon wasn’t paranoid at all.

Someone was watching his every move, and they’ll kill to keep it a secret. For the first time, Lynch is in a life or death situation he can’t lie his way out of. _____________Readers love Imposter Syndrome:???????‘A fast-paced and exciting read’‘A gripping and intense psychological thriller that masterfully explores themes of deception, identity’‘An intelligent read that you won't want to put down and you certainly won't want to end’‘I knew I would love this as everything Joseph Knox writes is brilliant, but this is probably my favourite to date now!’


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