Genetic Diversity : New Research, Hardback Book

Genetic Diversity : New Research Hardback

Edited by Julian A Cervantes Amaya, Miguel M Franco Jimenez


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Genetic diversity plays a very important role in survival and adaptability of a species because when a species's environment changes, slight gene variations are necessary to produce changes in the organisms' anatomy that enables it to adapt and survive.

A species that has a large degree of genetic diversity among its population will have more variations from which to choose the most fit alleles.

In this book, the authors discuss topics that include genetic diversity of human and animal papilloma viruses; conservation genetics of the lion; genetic diversity for quality traits in wild and ancient wheats; the genetic history of Morocco; different approaches to assess structure and genetic diversity in forest species; new genetic provisions for the reinstatement of ginseng natural populations; genetic and epigenetic variations in disease and drug response; genetic diversity and genetic rescue within wildlife populations; and genetic variability and advances in taxonomy.