The Suffragette Cookbook, Hardback Book

The Suffragette Cookbook Hardback


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From kitchen table to protest marches, The Suffragette Cookbook is a history of female love and power.

The history of feminism is a history of women coming together.

Modern feminists and Suffragettes share much in common, the same core fight spread through centuries.

But the fight for women's rights goes beyond marches and protests - it is present wherever women gather. And for much of history, that has been in the kitchen.

When the Suffrage movement gained momentum, many Suffragette groups released cookbooks, declaring to the world that 'women's work', like cooking, was not lesser but something to be celebrated.

In distributing their cookbooks, they slipped the message of Suffrage between recipes and allowed it entry into homes.

Professor Kate William explores the way feminism exists in the domestic sphere, and shows that the fight for women's rights was a struggle fought within homes long before it was protested in the streets.

The Suffragette Cookbook offers unique insight into the very real world of the women of history, and through them we see a celebration of female strength, power and love. Within these pages you'll find many recipes passed from mother to child, a history of female unity that stretches through generations: from mouth-watering recipes you may still make today, to delightfully incoherent recipes you can't believe were ever truly served.

But you'll also find messages of female strength, male solidarity and a history that's only beginning to be told. The perfect gift for the feminists in your life, with beautiful pages full of untold women's history.


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