Culture and Customs of Tanzania, Hardback Book

Culture and Customs of Tanzania Hardback

Part of the Cultures and Customs of the World series


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This book provides a fascinating, up-to-date overview of the social, cultural, economic, and political landscapes of Tanzania. In Culture and Customs of Tanzania, author Kefa M.

Otiso presents an approachable basic overview of the country's key characteristics, covering topics such as Tanzania's land, peoples, languages, education system, resources, occupations, economy, government, and history.

This recent addition to Greenwood's Culture and Customs of Africa series also contains chapters that portray the culture and social customs of Tanzania, such as the country's religion and worldview; literature, film, and media; art, architecture, and housing; cuisine and traditional dress; gender roles, marriage, family structures, and lifestyle; and music, dance, and drama. Describes historical events from the late 1800s to the present dayProvides several maps depicting Tanzania's location in Africa, major physical features, administrative units, urban areas, ethnic groups, and population distributionContains an interdisciplinary bibliography of sources in the areas of geography, history, anthropology, and popular cultureIncludes a glossary of key terms, places, cities, ethnic groups, and personalities


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