Sustainability, Green Management, and Performance of SMEs, Hardback Book

Sustainability, Green Management, and Performance of SMEs Hardback

Edited by Kiran Mehta, Renuka Sharma


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In a world facing environmental challenges and socio-economic inequalities, SMEs can drive positive change by integrating sustainability principles into their business practices.

This book examines the relationship between sustainability, green management, and SME performance, providing insights, strategies, and case studies to guide SMEs towards a more sustainable future and long-term viability. Drawing from extensive research, the book analyzes the drivers, barriers, and motivations influencing SMEs' adoption of sustainability practices.

It offers practical recommendations on overcoming resource constraints, awareness gaps, regulatory complexities, and resistance to change.

It explores emerging trends such as digital technologies, circular economy approaches, clean energy transitions, and social innovation and discusses collaboration among SMEs, academia, and government agencies as a crucial factor for innovation and scaling up sustainable practices. Sustainability, Green Management and Performance of SMEs is a comprehensive and practical guide for SMEs seeking to integrate sustainability into their business strategies.

It inspires and supports SMEs on their journey towards environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and long-term profitability, thus enabling them to unlock new business opportunities, gain a competitive edge, and secure their future in a changing global economy.


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