Media and Society After Technological Disruption, Hardback Book

Media and Society After Technological Disruption Hardback

Edited by Kyle (University of Nebraska, Lincoln) Langvardt, Justin (Gus) (University of Pennsylvania Law School) Hurwitz


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The internet has reshaped the media landscape and the social institutions built upon it.

Competition from online media sources has decimated local journalism and diminished the twentieth century's established journalistic gatekeepers.

Social media puts individual users front and center in the creation of the content that they consume.

Harmful speech can spread further and faster, and the institutions responsible for policing that speech-Facebook, TikTok, YouTube and the like-lack any clear twentieth-century analog.

The law is still working to catch up to the world these changes have wrought.

This volume gathers sixteen scholars in law, media, technology, and history to consider these changes.

Chapters explore the breakdown of trust in the media, changes in the law of defamation and privacy, challenges of online content moderation, and financial viability for journalistic enterprises in the internet age.

This title is also available as Open Access on Cambridge Core.


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