Creative Society: How the Future Can be Won, Book Book

Creative Society: How the Future Can be Won Book


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Human creativity has been one of the fundamental drivers of civilization and progress - solving immense problems, creating opportunities and overcoming enemies like no other force.

Often it has baffled its sceptics by finding new and better resources, unexpected environmental technologies and genuinely amazing products that no one had predicted.

However, like so many before it, Western civilization is now suffering from serious internal decay with its bloated public sectors, punitive taxes, over-regulation, marginalized citizens, stagnation, debt, unemployment and pessimism.

This important and fascinating book explains why internal decay is normal.

But it also shows how and why solutions can be found by countries and companies, enabling more creativity and adaptability than ever before.

It's through the power of creativity that society and business can overcome the challenges and crises of today.


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