Taking Flight : Making Your Center for Teaching and Learning Soar, Hardback Book

Taking Flight : Making Your Center for Teaching and Learning Soar Hardback


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Taking Flight synthesizes research on best practices for running centers of teaching and learning, providing practical guidance and resources for educational developers who are looking to open new centers; revitalize an underperforming center; or sustain and enhance an effective center. The authors offer the necessary background, relevant examples, and practical exercises specifically designed to support the sustained vitality of educational development and its role in fostering organizational change.

The book is practical in nature, with step sheets, diagrams, and similar materials designed to facilitate reflection and application. The book guides educational developers in enhancing and applying their knowledge, skills and abilities to establish a leadership role which, in turn, will enable them to play a pivotal role in translating visionary strategies into meaningful actions across their respective campuses.

An effective, well-managed center for teaching and learning has the potential to benefit its institution's faculty, staff, students, and community members.

Through fostering a productive relationship with campus administration, centers can improve morale, contribute to shaping and achieving institutional learning mission and outcomes, enhance institutional reputation, and make a contribution to the practice of teaching and learning across the academy. The materials in Taking Flight were honed through a series of national workshops developed under the aegis of the POD Network -- the professional organization for educational developers in the United States.

This book answers a need for a resource for directors and staff of centers that has been identified by leaders in the field.

It also provides valuable context for all leaders concerned about student learning and the improvement of teaching.