New Public Governance as a Hybrid : A Critical Interpretation, Hardback Book

New Public Governance as a Hybrid : A Critical Interpretation Hardback

Part of the Elements in Public and Nonprofit Administration series


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This Element focuses on New Public Governance as one of the major administrative narratives of our times.

It offers a critical interpretation of NPG as a hybrid tool for management, governance, and reform, arguing that NPG coexists with and is likely to gradually merge into New Public Management.

Several arguments support the 'continuity and hybridization' hypothesis, whereby the transition from NPM to NPG occurred through the retention of key elements and a layering and sedimentation process.

These arguments challenge the “linear substitution” hypothesis, accounting for NPM's persistence and dominance.

The Element develops a new interpretation of NPG and discusses the challenges that NPG poses.

Finally, it shows that exploring hybridity is critical for evaluating the potential of NPG in terms of a shift in public administration and understanding governance trajectories and reform scenarios.


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