The Cambridge Handbook of Workplace Affect, Paperback / softback Book

Paperback / softback

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Are you struggling to improve a hostile or uncomfortable environment at work, or interested in how such tension can arise?

Experts in organizational psychology, management science, social psychology, and communication science show you how to implement interventions and programs to manage workplace emotion.

The connection between workplace affect and relevant challenges in our society, such as diversity and technological changes, is undeniable; thus learning to harness that knowledge can revolutionize your performance in tackling workday issues.

Applying major theoretical perspectives and research methodologies, this book outlines the concepts of display rules, emotional labor, work motivation, well-being, and discrete emotions.

Understanding these ideas will show you how affect can promote team effectiveness, leadership, and conflict resolution.

If you require a foundation for understanding workplace affect or a springboard into deeper, more interdisciplinary research, this book presents an integrative approach that is indispensable.