Taking Charge of Your Emotions : A Guide to Better Psychological Health and Well-Being, Hardback Book

Taking Charge of Your Emotions : A Guide to Better Psychological Health and Well-Being Hardback


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From time to time, all of us face circumstances that can be psychologically demoralizing.

We might have difficulties with certain types of people, have marital problems, or be overwhelmed by day-to-day burdens.

When conditions are especially troublesome, we might experience destructive emotions such as anger, fear of abandonment, or anxiety that get the better of us.

We may also experience a sense of helplessness, a feeling that events and people control us, and that can detract from our overall outlook and well-being. Nevertheless, despite how bleaks things can appear, it is possible to gain more control over our lives and learn to cope better with things that are beyond our control.

By understanding how and why we react the way we do to various situations and events, we can learn to manage and change our own thoughts and emotions.

In that way, we can maximize the positive and minimize the negative outcomes in our day to day living, and in so doing give ourselves an opportunity to enhance our overall well-being.

Using a Rational Emotive Behavior approach, the authors show readers how to identify irrational beliefs replace them with rational ones, and lead a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Anyone struggling with emotions or moods that often feel out of control or self-defeating will find comfort and guidance in these pages.


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