Whatever It Takes : A moving saga of life after the war, Paperback / softback Book

Whatever It Takes : A moving saga of life after the war Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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Kay Clifton has waited five, long, lonely years for her husband Bob to come home from the war.

Despite her excitement at his return, their whirlwind romance prior to his departure makes her feel as though she hardly knows him, so it's not surprising that Kay is apprehensive when she meets him at the station.

Kay's hopes of starting their blissfully happy marriage are dashed by the presence of Bob's fellow soldier Tony.

Bob is indebted to Tony for saving his life and seems hell bent on repaying that debt to the couple's detriment.

But as Tony starts acting more and more strangely, Kay worries that something else happened during the war that Bob is keeping secret. And Bob himself isn't behaving like the man whom she waved off so tearfully all those years ago.

But with the love and encouragement of her family and friends, Kay is determined that whatever it takes she will bring out the Bob with whom she first fell in love and forge the future that they had envisaged before the war wreaked its havoc.


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