Light, Plasmonics and Particles, Paperback / softback Book

Light, Plasmonics and Particles Paperback / softback

Edited by M. Pinar (OEzyegin UEniversity, Istanbul, Turkey) Menguc, Mathieu (McGill University, Montreal, Canada) Francoeur

Part of the Nanophotonics series

Paperback / softback

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Light, Plasmonics and Particles focuses on the fundamental science and engineering applications of light scattering by particles, aerosols and hydrosols, and of localized plasmonics.

The book is intended to be a self-contained and coherent resource volume for graduate students and professionals in the disciplines of materials science, engineering and related disciplines of physics and chemistry.

In addition to chapters related to fundamental concepts, it includes detailed discussion of different numerical models, experimental systems and applications. In order to develop new devices, processes and applications, we need to advance our understanding of light-matter interactions.

For this purpose, we need to have a firm grasp of electromagnetic wave phenomena, and absorption and scattering of waves by different size and shape geometrical objects.

In addition, understanding of tunneling of waves based on electron and lattice vibrations and coupling with the thermal fluctuations to enhance near-field energy transfer mechanisms are required for the development of future energy harvesting devices and sensors.


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