Junk Knowledge, Paperback Book

Junk Knowledge Paperback


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Maybe you are in some high-end rehab in Sausalito, California.

Maybe you are staying in a shelter in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. Maybe you moved back in with your parents. It really doesn't matter where you are. If you are a junky and you want to quit but you can't, I get it.

I have been there more than once. But do you really want to get sober? Or are you just broke and need a place to crash? Maybe your girlfriend threw you and all your shit out because you get crazy and you black out and you threatened to kill her again.

Maybe you finally got caught robbing your grandmother's house.

Such scenarios are not fictions for addicts; they are standard.

But when it comes to the point that everyone in your life has told you to get the fuck out, perhaps it's time to change.


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