Rome : 50 Adventures on Foot, Calendar Book

Rome : 50 Adventures on Foot Calendar

Part of the City Walks series


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Rome is a wonderful city to explore on foot, and this deck makes it easy to do just that.

Enjoy the convenience of these cards, with their easy-to-follow directions and a map that lays out the walk.

Rather than toting around heavy and unwieldy (not to mention conspicuous!) guidebooks and maps, adventurers can just pick a few cards for the area they are visiting in a day.

Above and beyond the typical tourist attractions, these guides offer views of the city that some locals haven't even discovered, including history, shopping, food, and architecture.

The intro card will be filled with all kinds of information that you'd get in a guidebook, but in a much more accessible form:Details on using public transportation in Rome; an overview map of the city, with the walks laid out in relation to each other; geography/ topography of the city; history of the city; and the local customs and culture.

Ditch the usual tourist traps and experience Rome like a native - on foot!

For first-time visitors, adventurers, and natives alike, "City Walks: Rome" offers an intimate view of the city. Each card in this deck outlines a self-guided walking adventure, with a detailed map on one side and insider information on the other.