Legion of the Lancasters, Hardback Book

Legion of the Lancasters Hardback


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Sothe had already decided to use his nose armament against the 4-mot [four engined bomber].

He looked out and focused on a black shape of the Britisher.

Small, bluish exhaust flames made it easier to keep the target in sight.

Four engines, twin tail were recorded almost subconsciously.

No sudden movement that might attract their attention.

Calm now! Guns armed? Night sight switched on? Everything OK! Now he could see that it was a Lancaster, crossing gently from starboard to port.

He applied a little more power and approached cautiously.

Now he was exactly behind him at about 100 metres' range.

The rear turret was clearly recognisable. Bronies kept silent. Pauke! Pauke!' [ Kettledrums! Kettledrums!'] Sothe announced with a cry. Bronies immediately transmitted Ich beruhe'. Then they closed in rapidly for the kill. One can almost smell the flak, taste the cordite and experience the nervous twitch' before jumping out of one's skin to the sound of exploding shells and detonating bombs in this pulsating and highly intriguing selection of never-before-told stories recalled largely by members of the revered Lancaster crews of RAF Bomber Command.

From this bomber's introduction into service in 1942 with the famous if flawed raid on Augsburg on 17 April that year, to the attacks on the Tirpitz in 1944, each chapter is a tribute to the spirit of those who flew the Lanc' in anger and gained the respect of their enemies.