Models of Communication : Theoretical and Philosophical Approaches, Hardback Book


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Models of Communication offers a timely reassessment of the significance of modelling in media and communication studies.

From a rich variety of different perspectives, the collected essays explore the past, present, and future uses of communication models, in ordinary discourses concerning communication as well as in academic research. This book challenges received views of communication models and opens up new paths of inquiry for communication research.

By zooming in on the manifestations and purposes of modelling in ordinary discourses on communication as well as in theoretical expositions, the essays collected in this volume cast new light on the problems and prospects of models crafted for the benefit of communication inquiry.

Complementing earlier studies of models of communication, the volume digs deep into fundamental epistemological and ontological questions concerning modelling in the communication disciplines; but it also presents several novel models that promise to be of practical use in empirical studies of media and communication. The book is intended for communication scholars and students of media and will also be of interest for related disciplines in the humanities and the social sciences.