Coaching In A Week : Be A Great Coach In Seven Simple Steps, Paperback / softback Book

Coaching In A Week : Be A Great Coach In Seven Simple Steps Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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Coaching just got easierIn recent years the idea of coaching and the role of coach have made the journey from the sports field, via Human Resources, to become part of everyday managerial life.

The terms 'coach' and 'coaching' have become common, even trendy, but both are widely misunderstood.

If you ask anyone to define the word 'coach', you will get a wide variety of responses. By using coaching, we can tap into the huge reserves of talent and potential that lie dormant in most people.

As managers, we can develop people without having to rely on passing on our own skills and knowledge, which may already be out of date.

Using our skills in coaching, we can help our people access their ability without needing more than a basic grasp of the technicalities of their role. This book aims to give you enough knowledge and appreciation of coaching that you can begin to develop your own approach.

Each of the seven chapters in Coaching In A Week covers a different aspect of coaching:- Sunday: What is coaching?- Monday: The manager as coach- Tuesday: The key principles of coaching- Wednesday: The coaching ARROW, part 1- Thursday: The coaching ARROW, part 2- Friday: Coaching in context- Saturday: Coaching in organizations


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