Journey to the Name Maker, Hardback Book

Journey to the Name Maker Hardback


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Winner of the Golden Wizard Book Prize 2024 Why am I called Scamp?

I don't feel like a Scamp, I don't look like a Scamp, so why am I called Scamp?

It was a question he had asked himself many times before... Journey to the Name Maker is a magical adventure following a small bear’s journey as he goes in search of his rightful name.

Guided by a single white feather, Scamp must follow his dreams to find the answer to his question.

Can he find a way to cross The Singing River, enter The Field of Lucky Cows and pick a winner at Hectors Hoof?

Will he choose the right path at the Cross Roads Of No Return and find a way to go round The Square Lake and into the Alphabet Forest beyond?

Join Scamp on his journey to find The Name Maker and finally understand, whether he has in fact, been given the wrong name.

With its gorgeous illustrations and captivating storyline, Journey to the Name Maker is sure to become a treasured addition to any child's library.

The book is not only charming and entertaining but also promotes important values such as self-discovery and courage.


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