A Missed Murder, Hardback Book

A Missed Murder Hardback

Part of the A Bloody Mary Mystery series


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When Jack Blackjack disobeys the orders of his spymaster, he enters dangerous waters in this lively Tudor mystery. London, 1555. Queen Mary is newly married to Philip II of Spain - and not everyone is happy about the alliance.

The kingdom is divided between those loyal to Catholic Mary and those who support her half-sister, Lady Elizabeth. Former cutpurse turned paid assassin Jack Blackjack has more immediate matters to worry about.

Having been ordered to kill a man, he determines to save him instead.

But Jack defies his spymaster at his peril . and even the best-laid plans can sometimes go awry. When it appears that Jack has killed the wrong man, he reluctantly finds himself drawn into affairs of state, making new enemies wherever he turns.

Can he survive long enough to put matters right? This engaging Tudor mystery will appeal to fans of S J PARRIS and RORY CLEMENTS.


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