Michael Magers : Independent Mysteries, Hardback Book

Michael Magers : Independent Mysteries Hardback


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Photographs in which the documentary becomes poetry-that is one of Michael Magers's trademarks.

With his special eye for the unusual moment, the documentary photographer and journalist quickly gained international recognition.

His pictures appear in prominent magazines and newspapers such as TIME, Vogue Italia, or Huck Magazine.

Even outside of his commissioned work, which takes him all over the world, this exceptional photographer does not put down his camera.

He explores everyday life around him, capturing a movement or constellation at crucial moments.

These pictures not only celebrate the essence of everyday life, but also the magic of what is unique about it.

Each of his grainy, black-and-white photographs that he has elicited (mainly from urban life in Japan) in the past decade, carries a secret within it, which can be discovered and admired in the first volume of pictures by this artist.