Dealing the Cards : A Savannah Girl Novel, EPUB eBook

Dealing the Cards : A Savannah Girl Novel EPUB


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The third novel of Sarah's story is unlike any you have ever read. She is not your typical Southern belle, neither dewy-eyed nor innocent. She carries way too many scars for that. Completing her degree in Accounting and Financial Management has given Sarah a wealth of knowledge in the workings of the financial world. This, coupled with her hard-won street smarts, is making Sarah a force to be reckoned with. It is also attracting the attention of people she would rather avoid. However, she will need all this and more in the days ahead. Sarah has a hard-won gift for observation. She knows other people’s blind spots and how to either cover them or exploit them for her own gain. But she has difficulties with her own. Especially when it comes to men. Fortunately for her, she also has friends who will stick by her. Plus a woman named Beverly, who is both her employer and mentor. On the outside, Beverly often acts as the mother Sarah should have had growing up, but Beverly has dark secrets of her own. Does she think of Sarah the way Sarah thinks of her? Or is Sarah simply another pawn?Sometimes Sarah’s best-laid plans do not work, and she will have to see how fate Deals the Cards. But as she always says, “First things first.”