Pentecostalism in Urban Oaxaca : Healing Patriarchy, Marriage, and Mexico, Hardback Book

Pentecostalism in Urban Oaxaca : Healing Patriarchy, Marriage, and Mexico Hardback


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An ethnography focusing on a Pentecostal church community and their pursuit of healing marriages and prosperityPentecostalism in Urban Oaxaca is a timely feminist ethnography set in a Pentecostal church community in Oaxaca de Juarez.

Based on extensive fieldwork, Ramirez skillfully melds medical anthropology with cultural analysis to reveal the Pentecostal movement’s dynamics in the contexts of faith healing, marital relations, and economic prosperity. Ramirez takes stock of the problematic ways that Pentecostalism has played out for Mexican women today but also reminds readers of some of its successes.

Within the context of Mexican patriarchy, some women parishioners in abusive relationships see the church as a way to improve their lot.

Pentecostalism seeks to rupture with Mexico’s colonial heritage, and Ramirez provides novel ways for the reader to consider how Pentecostalism can provide healing for even the “endlessness of addiction.” One case study portrays a former abusive alcoholic womanizer who underwent a spiritual transformation as a result of his conversion.

Through this example and more, Ramirez examines the complex relationship between gender, modernity, and Indigeneity in the context of marriage.

The book also addresses the #MeToo movement as encountered in the Pentecostal church. Finally, Ramirez investigates how Pentecostalism addresses the “curses” of illness and poverty, highlighting the paradoxical relationship between faith healing and curanderismo.

The gospel of economic prosperity holds promise for a better life, breaking free from the “disease” of poverty.

To this end, Ramirez profiles some parishioners’ involvement with Omnilife, a multilevel marketing company selling vitamins and natural health products that propounds ideals similar to those of Pentecostal Christianity.


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