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Garry Marshall directs this romantic comedy featuring an ensemble cast including Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, Britt Robertson and Jason Sudeikis.

The film examines the varying relationships between parents and their children in the lead up to Mother's Day.

Divorced Sandy (Aniston) has two sons who now have a new stepmum since her ex-husband recently married the young and attractive Tina (Shay Mitchell).

Kristin (Robertson) was given up for adoption at birth but is considering finding her birth mother, who is the successful, career-driven author Miranda Collins (Roberts).

Sisters Jesse (Hudson) and Gabi (Sarah Chalke) receive a surprise visit from their mother, who is dismayed when she discovers some secrets about her daughters.

Widower Bradley (Sudeikis) struggles to deal with the approaching holiday after the death of his wife the previous year which left him a single dad to his two girls.

Along the way some of the characters' storylines crossover.


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