Mr. Bud's Pot Smoking Games : 25 Fun Ways to Get Baked with Your Friends, Paperback / softback Book

Mr. Bud's Pot Smoking Games : 25 Fun Ways to Get Baked with Your Friends Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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Smoking out is a well-loved, time-honored pastime for many.

But sitting on the same couch with the same people watching the same stuff on TV can be a real buzzkill.

With games ranging from the dice classic Zonk to creative twists on card and board games, Mr. Bud's Pot Smoking Games is packed with endless hours of high-times hijinks that effortlessly create a smoking-hot party.

These green twists on game night make for hours of hilarity that take even a seasoned stoner back to the heady high of that first tender hit.

The gauntlet of good times includes Strip Choker, where you've got to cough to get off; Twisted Twister, where the players gets all tangled up in green; Hold It!, in which a straight face and strong lungs win the night; Battlespliffs, where the classic contest of getting sunk gets skunked; and many more.

Topping off the fun is an epic list of movie games to play while watching stoner classics like Half Baked, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, and Reefer Madness.


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