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Nick Frost stars in the title role of this comedy drama written and directed by Robert B.

Weide. Set in Watford in 1969, Mr Sloane is a down on his luck accountant who has recently been fired from his job, left by his wife and even failed by a badly executed suicide attempt.

The only things keeping him sane are his friends Ross (Peter Serafinowicz), Reggie (Brendan Patricks) and Beans (Lawry Lewin) and the evenings he spends with them down the pub.

All, it seems, is lost until he meets a young American woman called Robin (Ophelia Lovibond) who takes him under her free-spirited wing and shows him what life should be.

The episodes are: 'Meet Mr. Sloane', 'It's a Date, Mr. Sloane', 'Everybody Must Get Sloaned', 'Merry Christmas, Mr. Sloane', 'Happy New Year, Mr. Sloane: Part 1' and 'Happy New Year, Mr. Sloane: Part 2'.