Indian Vegan & Vegetarian : 200 traditional plant-based recipes, Hardback Book

Indian Vegan & Vegetarian : 200 traditional plant-based recipes Hardback


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Vegetarianism has long been a key feature of Indian cuisine, and many dishes are naturally vegan.

Vibrant vegetables in richfragrant sauces, nutty lentils, beans and peas, and an incredible array of spices: these are recipes to warm the body and soothe the soul.

Drawing upon the very best vegan and vegetarian food from around the country, this book presents a mouthwatering array of dishes - lentils cooked a myriad of ways from mustard with cumin to spiced butter; kebabs made from lotus roots, coconut and wild fig; spiced yam fingers and plantain curry; all manner of stuffed vegetables and breads; as well as pilaus, bhajiyas, samosas and chutneys bursting with flavour.

Grouped by region, with an exploration of the culinary history and landscape, and a guide to ingredients, utensils and cooking techniques, this inspirational book fully explores the exciting world of Indian plant-based food.