Dynamic Systems and Control Engineering, Hardback Book


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Using a step-by-step approach, this textbook provides a modern treatment of the fundamental concepts, analytical techniques, and software tools used to perform multi-domain modeling, system analysis and simulation, linear control system design and implementation, and advanced control engineering.

Chapters follow a progressive structure, which builds from modeling fundamentals to analysis and advanced control while showing the interconnections between topics, and solved problems and examples are included throughout.

Students can easily recall key topics and test understanding using Review Note and Concept Quiz boxes, and over 200 end-of-chapter homework exercises with accompanying Concept Keys are included.

Focusing on practical understanding, students will gain hands-on experience of many modern MATLAB (R) tools, including Simulink (R) and physical modeling in Simscape (TM). With a solutions manual, MATLAB (R) code, and Simulink (R)/Simscape (TM) files available online, this is ideal for senior undergraduates taking courses on modeling, analysis and control of dynamic systems, as well as graduates studying control engineering.


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