The Third Doctor Adventures - Volume 3, CD-Audio Book

The Third Doctor Adventures - Volume 3 CD-Audio

Part of the Doctor Who - The Third Doctor Adventures series


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Following directly on from Planet of the Daleks, the Doctor and Jo Grant are diverted from heading home to Earth and pitched into a new encounter with the Doctor's most feared foes.

Katy Manning returns to the much-loved role of Josephine "Jo" Grant from the 1970s Jon Pertwee Third Doctor era of television Doctor Who, teaming up with actor Tim Treloar who voices the Doctor.

Writer Nicholas Briggs is one of the Big Finish executive producers, and is also well known for his role on TV's Doctor Who voicing the Daleks and other monsters.

The first volume of Third Doctor Adventures in late 2015 proved so popular that two further volumes were immediately greenlit, with volume two released in December 2016.

CAST: Tim Treloar (The Doctor), Katy Manning (Jo Grant), George Watkins (Delralis), John Banks (Jickster), Amy Newton (Elaquon), Robin Weaver (Arianda), Iain Batchelor (Adam Rigg), Robert Hands (Major Hardy / Crewman), Richard Derrington (Commander Burton), Ian Conningham (Sinko / Ronson / Lieutenant), Jake Dudman (UNIT Radio Operator) and Nicholas Briggs (The Daleks).