The Case of the Chaos Monster: an Elemental Detectives Adventure, Paperback / softback Book

The Case of the Chaos Monster: an Elemental Detectives Adventure Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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  A stunningly imagined, action-packed fantasy adventure for fans of Nevermoor, Neverwhere and Mortal Engines, from bestselling and award-winning author Patrice Lawrence. "A beautifully written book, bristling with magic, set in an ancient London filled with dragons, ghosts, water spirits, and a mysterious, creeping sleeping-sickness that must be fought by the brave young heroes.

I loved it." Cressida Cowell, Children’s Laureate & author of How to Train Your Dragon. Step into a London lit up by the Elemental spirits: the fiery Dragons, the airy Fumis, the watery Chads and the earthbound Magogs. Marisee and Robert - the Elemental Detectives - are back to solve another mystery on the streets of eighteenth century London. An orchestra explodes in Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens and suddenly the music of London disappears... and a terrifying monster stirs off the Greenwich peninsular, threatening to trample London underfoot.

The detectives must track down the thief behind the music's disappearance - via the Whispering Gallery of St Paul's Cathedral, a Windmill-with-teeth on the Isle of Dogs and the dark streets of Soho... where a shadowy villain and his mechanical animal spies live. Big, bold, future classic storytelling for a new generation. A London where magic sparks just beneath the surface - this book is set to ignite young imaginations. The second book in a major new series.   MORE PRAISE FOR ELEMENTAL DETECTIVES "I loved reading about a re-imagining of London with so much invention and energy.

The world-building is well...out of this world. Patrice Lawrence is amongst the greatest voices for young people writing today.

I'm honoured to be a peer of hers." - Alex Wheatle, author of Cane Warriors "BRILLIANT... history and fantasy woven magnificently into a thrilling, magical adventure" - Sophie Anderson, author of The House with the Chicken Legs "A fantastic adventure, packed with rich world building and stunning elemental magic." - Peter Bunzl, author of Cogheart "Wow - The Elemental Detectives is a cracking fantasy.

Clever, inventive, and pacy, with wonderfully drawn characters and a breathless plot.

I want to read more!" - Bali Rai, author of Mohinder's War "The Elemental Detectives is a rip roaring magical adventure... Patrice Lawrence has done a marvellous job of building an imaginative and creative mythology which lurks just under the city streets." Catherine Johnson, author of Freedom "The Elemental Detectives is a richly imagined, inventive and immersive fantasy adventure." - L.

Norry, author of Son of the Circus  

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