Cicero's Law : Rethinking Roman Law of the Late Republic, Hardback Book

Cicero's Law : Rethinking Roman Law of the Late Republic Hardback

Edited by Paul J. du Plessis


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This volume brings together an international team of scholars to debate Cicero's role in the narrative of Roman law in the late Republic - a role that has been minimised or overlooked in previous scholarship.

This reflects current research that opens a larger and more complex debate about the nature of law and of the legal profession in the last century of the Roman Republic.

Contributors: Benedikt Forschner * Catherine Steel * Christine Lehne-Gstreinthaler * Jan Willem Tellegen * Jennifer Hilder * Jill Harries * Matthijs Wibier * Michael C.

Alexander * Olga Tellegen-Couperus * Philip Thomas * Saskia T.

Roselaar * Yasmina Benferhat.