Supply Chain Risk Management in the Apparel Industry, Hardback Book


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Apparel is one of the oldest and largest export industries in the world.

It is also one of the most global industries because most nations produce for the international textile and apparel market.

The changing global landscape drives cost volatility, regulatory risk and change in consumer preference.

In today's retail landscape, media and advocacy groups have focussed attention on social and environmental issues, as well as new regulatory requirements and stricter legislations.

Understanding and managing any risk within the supply chain, particularly ethical and responsible sourcing, has become increasingly critical.

This book first gives a systematic introduction to the evolution of SCRM through literature review and discusses the importance of SCRM in the apparel industry.

Second, it describes the life cycle of the apparel supply chain and defines the different roles of the value chain in the apparel industry.

Thirdly, it identifies the risk factors in the Apparel Life Cycle and analyses the risk sources and consequences and finally, extends the importance of selection of the suppliers and develops a supplier selection model and SCRM strategies solution by data analysis and case studies.