The Good Cop, Hardback Book

The Good Cop Hardback

Part of the A Willi Geismeier thriller series


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In a world of growing nationalism, a quiet few are determined to resist.

This gripping historical mystery explores the darkest days of the early 20th century. Munich, 1920. Detective Willi Geismeier has a problem: how do you uphold the law when the law goes bad?

The First World War has been lost and Germany is in turmoil.

The new government in Berlin is weak. The police and courts are corrupt. Fascists and Communists are fighting in the streets.

People want a savior, someone who can make Germany great again.

To many, Adolf Hitler seems perfect for the job. When the offices of a Munich newspaper are bombed, Willi Geismeier investigates, but as it gets political, he is taken off the case.

Willi continues to ask questions, but when his pursuit of the truth itself becomes a crime, his career - and his life - are in grave danger.


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