Peacemaking and International Order after the First World War, Hardback Book


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The Paris peace settlements following the First World War remain amongst the most controversial treaties in history.

Bringing together leading inter-national historians, this volume assesses the extent to which a new international order, combining old and new political forms, emerged from the peace negotiations and settlements after 1918.

Taking account of new historiographical perspectives and methodological approaches to the study of peacemaking after the First World War, it views the peace negotia-tions and settlements after 1918 as a site of remarkable innovations in the practice of international politics.

The contributors address how a wide range of actors set out new ways of thinking about international order, established innovative institutions and revolutionised the conduct of inter-national relations.

They illustrate the ways in which these innovations were layered upon existing practices, institutions and concepts to shape the emerging international order after 1918.


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