Real Estate in South Asia, Paperback / softback Book

Paperback / softback

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This book provides insights into commercial and residential real estate markets in one of the world's fastest growing regions: South Asia.

Despite being the growth leader of the future, South Asia is among the "least integrated" regions with a large need for real-estate-specific information and knowledge.

Scholars and industry practitioners from a variety of backgrounds come together to provide pan-regional and country-specific insights into-amongst others-institutional, economic and real estate market characteristics, real-estate-specific legislation, real estate financing, development and urban planning practices in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

A particular focus of the book is on topics such as the provision of affordable housing, sustainability, innovative office concepts such as co-working and the development of real estate investment trust (REIT) markets in South Asia.

This book integrates knowledge on real estate markets in and across South Asian countries by means of country profiles and case studies to provide industry professionals, policy makers and scholars with a fundamental understanding of characteristics, opportunities and challenges in the region.

The book is intended for readers with interests in real estate development, finance and investment, urban planning and housing in South Asia.

It is also suitable as a reference textbook for undergraduate and graduate students in programs focusing on real estate, economic development, urban planning and public policy in South Asia and other emerging countries.