Superhalogens and Superalkalis : Bonding, Reactivity, Dynamics and Applications, Hardback Book


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Superhalogens and Superalkalis is a comprehensive volume designed as the go-to resource on the exciting and evolving topics of these special classes of atomic clusters and the acid salt that results from their interactions.

The book details how these substances possess not only unusual structures but also unique properties which can be exploited for various applications. Superhalogens’ strong oxidizing capacity, resulting from their high-electron affinity, leads to their applications in the design of superacids, organic superconductors, and ionic liquids.

The low ionization energy of superalkalis enables them to act as strong reducing agents, making them useful in the design of superbases and alkalides.

Illustrated throughout, this timely book provides an overview of the research and development on these and other aspects of superhalogen and superalkalis. Key features:Offers a basic introduction of superatoms that is accessible for readers to understandIncludes extensive study questions after each chapterProvides a systematic presentation of the existing literature on this increasingly trending topicPresents the latest developments in the field, offering readers state-of-art knowledgeThis book is a key reference guide for graduate students, postdocs, upper-level undergraduate students, academic professionals, and researchers who are interested in this fascinating topic.


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